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Aluminum Scope Rings

Aluminum Scope Rings

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Aluminum Scope Rings

Single and Double Screw Scope Rings - 1" and 30mm Straight and Offset - 11mm and 3/8 Bases

Please call to order or make note of exactly what you want.

Aluminum Scope Ring Descriptions

Single Screw Rings are: .5” thick with one clamp screw and two cap screws, one on each side

Double Screw Rings are: .75” thick with two clamp screws and four cap screws, two on each side

1” Offset Ring has a: .309” offset
30mm Offset Ring has a: .399” offset
Short Rings are    1.1”
Med Rings are     1.3”
Tall Rings are:    1.5”

All rings come in both 3/8” and 11mm dovetail configurations

The ring heights are measured from the top of the dovetail to the center of the scope bore.
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